Joshua Eby

Current position:
Postdoctoral Researcher

Stockholm University, Oskar Klein Centre

Field of research:
High-energy physics phenomenology, especially focusing on axion dark matter and the accumulation of overdensities in the axion field.

What is your career trajectory to date?
After completing my Ph.D from the University of Cincinnati in 2017, my first postdoc position was at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. In 2020 I moved to a second position at Kavli IPMU within the University of Tokyo, and last year (2023) I began a third postdoc in Stockholm.

What are the most exciting open questions in your research area?
Although we know a lot about the processes that lead to formation of boson stars, we still do not know their abundance or mass distribution in any model of axion dark matter.

What role do you think a network like COSMIC WISPers can play in developing WISP searches in Europe?
Bringing researchers together from across Europe to share their knowledge and expertise is critical to bring about the next-generation of theories and experiments in WISP physics.

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