Giuseppe Lucente

Giuseppe Lucente

Current position:



University of Heidelberg

Field of research:

Theoretical Astroparticle Physics

What is your career trajectory to date?

I got my PhD, as well as Bachelor and Master Degrees, at the University of Bari. I have been working as an Early Stage Researcher at the University of Heidelberg since August 2023 supported by the HIDDeN project. In Autumn 2024 I will start to work as a PostDoc at the SLAC Theory Group.

What are the most exciting open questions in your research area?

I think the most exciting questions are related to the nature of dark matter and the origin of neutrino masses.

What role do you think a network like COSMIC WISPers can play in developing WISP searches in Europe?

I think that a network like COSMIC WISPers can help in building new and strong collaborations among European researchers interested in WISPs. The organization of International Meetings and Short Term Missions allows people to meet and share their ideas, developing new projects and thinking about new strategies to probes WISPs.


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