Working groups members list

WG 1: WISPs Model Building

Figure taken from J. Jaeckel, A. Ringwald, Ann. Rev.Nucl.Part. Sci. 60 (2010) 405

Objectives: Determine the nature, number, masses and couplings of WISPs that arise in well-motivated theories of fundamental physics, and in particular within string compactifications that join moduli stabilisation with (semi)-realistic matter sectors.

Leaders: Prof. Michele Cicoli, Dr. Sophie Renner

WG 2: WISPs Dark Matter and Cosmology

Figure taken from Bauschmann, Fosterm Safdi, PRL 124, 161103 (2020) 

Objectives: Obtain precise predictions of axion and WISP DM relic abundance,and identify distinguishing features of WISP DM in Large Scale Structure data.

Leaders: Dr. Edoardo Vitagliano, Dr. Javier Redondo 

WG 3: WISPs in Astrophysics

Objectives: Deepen the studies of the signatures of WISPs in astroparticle physics. These include WISP oscillations into photons, WISP-induced energy loss in stellar systems and signatures from gravitational waves and from primordial black-hole superradiance.

Leaders: Prof. Maurizio Giannotti, Dr. Oscar Straniero

WG4: Direct WISPs searches

Figure taken from Ciaran O’Hare Github

Objectives: Produce a complete, updated and revised summary of the status of WISP searches, highlighting parts of the (relevant) parameter space, models or couplings that are not under test by present or future searches. It will outline a roadmap to WISP discovery and a way to disentangle among different WISP models. The goal of the WG is to perform a broad array of DM searches, interpreting the experimental results in a consistent way with clear identification of the theoretical models, relevant for the particular search.

Leaders: Dr. Claudio Gatti, Prof. Marin Karuza 

WG 5: Dissemination and Outreach

Objectives: Enhance the dissemination and communication of the results, and to structure outreach activities to attract public awareness to the challenges and achievements in astro-particle physics.

Leaders: Prof. Olga Mena, Prof. Loredana Gastaldo 



  • 3rd-6th September 2024: 2nd General Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, Link
  • Opening of registrations for the 2nd Training School of the COST Action CA21106 in Ljubljiana (Slovenia), 10-14 June 2024, Link.
  • Opening call for Short Term Scientific Missions, Deadline: 15th March 2024, Period: 1st April-30th June
  • A collection of videos about our Action taken during 2023 is available on Youtube on INFN Channel.
  • Opening call for Short Term Scientific Missions, Deadline: 15th January 2024, Period: 1st February-1st April
  • Opening of registrations for CA21106 Working Group Meeting at DESY Hamburg, 1-2 February 2024 Link 

  • 3rd-6th September 2024: 2nd General Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey 
  • 10th-13th June 2024: 2nd Training School in Lubjiana, Slovenia
  • 1st-2nd February 2024: Working Groups Meeting at DESY (Hamburg), Germany
  • 17th October 2023: Cosmic WISPers member Federico Urban and his team have just been awarded a Czech Inter-COST grant to work on spin-2 WISPs over the next two years. Read more.

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